About Us

Wolves ™ is a virtual company with esteemed members. The project started on 20 October 2019 with the aim of bringing a new color to the TruckersMP Community. Our goal was to create a unique community. Now, our main target is to make the game more enjoyable. Wolves ™ offers various convoys in ETS2 and ATS. Since we are a verified VTC, we have events/convoys on certain days and you must attend these events. We want our members to play games in a peaceful environment, with fun! Do you want to know more about us? Join our Discord Server or be guest in our convoys and drive with us! Experience virtual trucking on a whole new level.

Friendly Community

Our strive is to produce a friendly relationship in our community and to make everyone feel right at home . We do our foremost to give everyone the greatest experience possible and so far we have continue to make everyone cheerful..


Dedicated Staff

Our staff team are passionate. Here at Wolves VTC, we have an undoubtedly hard working, committed and friendly staff memebers. several of memebers are dedicate to help others when in need.


New Technology

With a dedicated, and swift Development Team. The development team are experienced and work hard to bring new features regularly.


Driver Perks

As a Wolves driver you will have access to exclusive liveries, exclusive graphics, in-game modifications and access to many more exclusive things.


Monthly Events

Wolves Event Management continues to provde the best leading convoys and we also participate in other VTC convoys.


Ranking System

Earn XP by completing jobs and attending convoys to rank up and compete with others.

What are people saying

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I'm in wolves since 2020 and I am so glad to be here. Being part of the Wolves is a pleasure for me. Everybody here is so nice to me and to each other. Your race, religion, language is no matter for us. We value you just because of being yourself. Everyone is respectful of each other. We cannot wait for new drivers!

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I'm in wolves since December 2020. I've been having a great time since I first came. Everyone is very friendly and nice people.From the first time I joined, I got on well with everyone and I never had a problem with anyone. Everyone gets on well with each other and I am very happy about it. I'm very happy to be part of Wolves